I started DJing in 1992, and I started putting on Raves (YES RAVES) about the same time. Raves were the only place I could force people to listen to the music I liked and never take requests. Even thought these events were way to much work, they were always a blast. People actually liked to dance, there was plenty of easy going kind people, and they seemed to like what I was playing.

I kept going; eventually I started to concentrate more on sound systems and providing sound systems for other events. By 2001 I was pretty much known more for Providing large and loud sound then for being a DJ. A couple years later, around 2003, I decided to quit the sound business. Younger stronger, and more enthusiastic people had the motivation to persist in that business than I did and I already had a a career that I liked. Once in a while, I am asked to spin at a gig, and I almost always say yes because I always miss it.

I decided to build this site and put up some mixes in the hopes that more people will take notice, and some of you old schoolers will remember me, and hopefully I’ll get to play more often, and entertain you.

You can find me on Facebook as Ardattack  
ardattack.web a t ardattack dot com


some test mixes